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Animated GIF view widget for Appcelerator Titanium

Get it

Install and add this component to your project:

$ gittio install com.boxoutthinkers.animatedgif

Or follow the guide on Importing Widgets.


User Dongwoo Gim gimdongwoo
  KOSSLAB (Korea Open Source Software Developers Lab)
  Seoul, Korea
Type Widget
License Apache license 2.0
Copyright Copyright (c) 2016 BOXOUT THINKERS
Views 7 in last month
Installs 1 in last month


Install a specific version: $ gittio install com.boxoutthinkers.animatedgif@version
Install for a specific platform: $ gittio install -p platform com.boxoutthinkers.animatedgif

Version Date Platforms Requirements Download
1.0 2016-04-06 05:25:57
Ti 5.1.2.GA, Alloy 1.0 Download