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Titanium UI - Bottom sheets View Styles ".bottomsheet": { DEBUG: false } ".bottomsheet[if=Alloy.Globals.UI.IsIPhoneX]": { paddingBottom: 22 } Controller ${ actions: [ { icon: '/images/step/add/copy.png', title: L('steptypecopy'), divider: false }, { icon: '/images/step/add/cut.p

Get it

Install and add this component to your project:

$ gittio install com.imobicloud.bottomsheet

Or follow the guide on Importing Widgets.


User imobicloud
Type Widget
License Public Domain
Copyright Copyright (c) 2017
Views 96 in last month


Install a specific version: $ gittio install com.imobicloud.bottomsheet@version
Install for a specific platform: $ gittio install -p platform com.imobicloud.bottomsheet

Version Date Platforms Requirements Download
1.0 2017-11-13 01:39:29
Ti 2.1, Alloy 1.0 Download