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Type: Module Push com.streethawk.shpush 40%

64-bit iOS support StreetHawk's Push Module lets you send push messages to your application. Depending on your application's current state, if your application in foreground, the push notification overlays on the current screen as a notification dialog with user to take action and for application in background, the SDK generates a notification in notification bar. Push modules also support custom dialog.

Type: Module JGPush cn.cmri.jgpush 40%

64-bit iOS support JGPush

Type: Module Analytics com.streethawk.shanalytics 40%

64-bit iOS support StreetHawk's Analytics Module is core component of StreetHawk SDK. The module reports various vital raw data to StreetHawk servers which is further processed and used for various analytics for your application. The module also provides API for tagging the install, identifying the users and tracking various important events inside your application. All other components of StreetHawk depends on Analytics component for it's functioning.

Type: Module Beacons com.streethawk.shbeacon 40%

64-bit iOS support StreetHawk's Beacon Module lets you to run campaigns based on user's presence inside a beacon's region.

Type: Module Feeds com.streethawk.shfeeds 40%

64-bit iOS support StreetHawk's Feed Module is used for sending feeds to your application.

Type: Module ALmixerSwigJSCoreIOS co.lanica.almixer 40%

64-bit iOS support ALmixer OpenAL based audio module for Platino Game Engine

Type: Module TiWindowCapture com.tiwincapture 40%

64-bit iOS support TiWindowCapture

Type: Module Geofence com.streethawk.shgeofence 40%

64-bit iOS support StreetHawk's Geofence Module is used for running location based campaigns based on user's entry and exit into a geofence area. The document describes integrating StreetHawk SDK's Geofence module into your application. You will be required to register the geofence of interest into StreetHawk console. Steps for registering geofence in StreetHawk console are described below under Create Your First Geofence Based Campaign section.

Type: Module Growth com.streethawk.shgrowth 40%

64-bit iOS support StreetHawk Growth Module lets your user share your application with friends. Also the feature can be extended to invite the new user to a deeplinked page inside your application. Create a Share button inside your application and call originateShareWithSourceSelection to generate the share url. StreetHawk SDK will then ask user ways to share the generated url. That is (email, post on Facebook etc). Below are the APIs which generates sharable URL. A scheme for deeplinking is required for StreetHawk growth.

Type: Module useragent com.abada.useragent 40%

64-bit iOS support useragent