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Type: Module ti.googlemaps ti.googlemaps 40%


Type: Module ticarousel com.obscure.ticarousel 40%

module that wraps the iCarousel library by Nick Lockwood

Type: Module com.williamrijksen.onesignal com.williamrijksen.onesignal 40%


Type: Module tipop guy.mcdooooo.tipop 40%

Facebook pop library wrapper for titanium

Type: Module FacebookIOS com.facebook 40%


Type: Module pathanimator path.animator 40%

Appcelerator Titanium iOS module for adding rotations greater then 180 degrees via CABasicAnimations.

Type: Module timely ti.mely 40%

Ti.mely a Titanium Native Timer module

Type: Module titouchgallery com.gbaldera.titouchgallery 40%

Android 64-bit support Titanium Mobile native Android module for touch gallery, using viewpager. Allows pinch zoom and pan for images

Type: Module TiMotionEffects de.marcelpociot.motioneffects 40%

iOS 7 Motion Effects API

Type: Module TiWormhole ti.wormhole 40%

Ti.Wormhole enabling Titanium style events for Extensions and the Apple Watch