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Type: Module Live-BlurView com.apaladini.blur 40%

A True Real Time BlurView implementation for Titanium

Type: Module CoreTelephony com.yydigital.coretelephony 40%


Type: Module TiCircularProgress de.marcelpociot.circularprogress 40%

Circular progress indicator for Appcelerator Titanium

Type: Module TiMWKProgressIndicator de.marcelpociot.mwkprogress 40%

A minimal progress indicator for iOS with status update support. Displays above UINavigationBar and below the Status Bar

Type: Module com.likelysoft.cardio 40%

Appcelerator wrapper for the credit card scanning library. Use the phone's camera to read credit card numbers and expiration dates.

Type: Module PSPDFKit com.pspdfkit 40%

PSPDFKit Titanium Module

Type: Module ti.nfc ti.nfc 40%


Type: Module SevenSwitch ti.sevenswitch 40%

Seven Switch module for Titanium

Type: Module plot-plugin-module com.plotprojects.ti 40%

Enable the power of Location Based Notifications provided by the Plot plugin in your Titanium apps. Our module can also be found on GitHub at and the documentation can be found at

Type: Module NappImageView dk.napp.imageview 40%