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Type: Module jpgcompressor com.sideshowcoder.jpgcompressor 40%

Compress JPEG Images using UIImageJPEGRepresentation, and scale using UIGraphicsBeginImageContext

Type: Module nappscrollviewextended dk.napp.nappscrollviewextended 40%


Type: Module TiRemoteControl net.hoyohoyo.tiremotecontrol 40%


Type: Module hockeyapp nl.rebelic.hockeyapp 40%

Appcelerator module wrapping the HockeyApp SDK

Type: Module tijbchart ti.jbchart 40%


Type: Module dfp ti.dfp 40%

Doubleclick for Publishers module for Titanium

Type: Module statusbar com.apaladini.statusbar 40%


Type: Module TiCrouton de.manumaticx.crouton 40%

Context sensitive notifications for Android

Type: Module TiFaceRecognizer de.marcelpociot.facerecognizer 40%

CoreImage face detection module to use with the Appcelerator Titanium SDK

Type: Module ti.ios.trim ti.ios.trim 40%

iOS video trimmer