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Type: Module TiDAKeyboardControl it.smc.dakeyboardcontrol 40%

TiDAKeyboardControl offers some advanced behaviour for the keyboard in Titanium SDK, kudos to @danielamitay

Type: Module Barcode com.mfogg.barcode 40%

An Appcelerator Titanium Module that allows you to create a barcode scanner view

Type: Module titanium-arkit ti.arkit 40%


Type: Module tintswitch com.yydigital.tintswitch 40%

A Titanium Module to change the "ON" tint color for Titanium.UI.Switch (iOS)

Type: Module TiAppirater de.marcelpociot.appirater 40%

Titanium mobile iOS rating reminder

Type: Module NappWaveformView dk.napp.waveformview 40%


Type: Module iosmodule com.socdm.d.adgeneration.plugin.ti.adgni 40%

Titanium Plugin for AdGeneration

Type: Module TiBubble be.k0suke.tibubble 40%

Type: Module TiCornerRadius be.k0suke.ticornerradius 40%

Type: Module TiNowPlaying com.guidolim.TiNowPlaying 40%

This module allows you to set song attributes and handle remote controls events (Lockscreen or Control Center) on your iOS app using Titanium.