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Type: Widget Intro Pages com.bduyng.intropages 40%

An Alloy widget to create welcome pages like AirBnB application.

Type: Widget Ti.TiltImageView com.caffeinalab.titanium.tiltimageview 40%

FacebookPaper-style tilt-fullscreen Image viewer widget for Titanium Alloy.

Type: Module fhimagefactory fh.imagefactory 40%

Android 64-bit support fhimagefactory

Type: Module tiimagefilters jp.msmc.tiimagefilters 40%

Image Processing module

Type: Widget nl.fokkezb.cachedImageView nl.fokkezb.cachedImageView 40%

Alloy version of the best practice to cache remote images locally.

Type: Module imageasresized org.selfkleptomaniac.ti.imageasresized 40%

Image resize module for Android. Works with lesser memory.

Type: Module NappImageView dk.napp.imageview 40%


Type: Module TiGPUImageiPhone com.bongole.ti.gpuimage 40%

GPUImage wrapper module for Titanium

Type: Module TiImageFromGIF de.marcelpociot.imagefromgif 40%

Allows displaying animated GIFs on iOS applications built with Appcelerator Titanium

Type: Module TiImageCropper se.hyperlab.imagecropper 40%