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Type: Module urbanimagelibrary qs.urbanimage.library 40%

A module that provides access to the user's photo library.

Type: Module imagepicker in.prashant.imagepicker 40%

Android 64-bit support Titanium Multi-Imagepicker module lets you select multiple images from its inbuilt gallery with lots of customization options

Type: Widget Image Grid com.raulriera.imageGrid 40%

A simple image grid similar to the one found in

Type: Module TiELCImagePicker jp.kray.ti.ELCImagePicker 40%

Titanium ELCImagePickerController

Type: Module TiMessagesTableViewController com.arihiro.messagestable 40%

This is a wrapper module for MessagesTableViewController

Type: Module tvharukazetiwebviewuseragentandroid 40%

customizing WebView's UserAgent module for Android

Type: Module tvharukazetiwebviewuseragentios tv.harukaze.ti.webview.useragent.ios 40%

customizing WebView's UserAgent module for iPhone

Type: Module titanium-image-crop ti.imagecrop 40%

titanium-image-crop is a Swift based Titanium module.

Type: Module TiCropImageEditor it.etnatraining.TiCIE 40%

Titanium iOS module for Cropping and rotating Images

Type: Module tintimage miga.tintimage 40%

Android 64-bit support Tint an image, apply a mask or transform it to a greyscale image