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Type: Module superagent superagent 40%

Titaniumified Titanium.Network.HTTPClient with less suck!

Type: Widget com.capnajax.vectorimage com.capnajax.vectorimage 40%

Sample framework that provides navigation in both iOS and Android with a common drawer that slides in from the left.

Type: Widget Ti.ImageViewer it.apra.tiimageviewer 40%

Image viewer widget for Appcelerator Titanium

Type: Module commonjs.legacy.package commonjs.legacy.package 40%


Type: Module commonjs.package commonjs.package 40%


Type: Widget messageBar messageBar 40%

The open source code of Dragon Shout App

Type: Widget com.baboonmedia.remoteimage com.baboonmedia.remoteimage 40%

Provides a view that supports remote image loading with full image caching.

Type: Module ti-android-requeststoragepermission com.boxoutthinkers.reqstorageperm 40%

Android 64-bit support ti-android-requeststoragepermission

Type: Module imagecrop in.prashant.imagecrop 40%

Android 64-bit support Android-Titanium image cropping module for cropping camera/gallery/G-Drive etc. images

Type: Module tiimagecollectionview jp.msmc.imagecollectionview 40%

Listing web images module