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Type: Module CustomUserAgent inc.indiesquare.customuseragent 40%


Type: Module cropimage org.selfkleptomaniac.ti.mod.cropimage 40%

image cropper

Type: Module customimage 40%

Type: Widget ViewPager Alloy Widget nl.fokkezb.viewpager 40%

An Alloy widget wrapping the ViewPager module for Google Play like scrolling tabs.

Type: Module agentswitcher com.amido.agentswitcher 40%

Allow you to change the user agent on iOS webview

Type: Module CurlPageFlip com.visusway.mod.curlpageflip 40%

android-page-curl for Titanium Mobile Module 3.0

Type: Module phonemanager it.extrategy.phonemanager 40%

Native android module to expose phone status change events.

Type: Module titanium-image-filters ti.imagefilters 40%


Type: Module Ti.MarkerManager de.appwerft.markermanager 40%

Titaniumified This module allows to display more then 1000 annotations on a map. Depending on region changes the rendering.

Type: Module packagemanager com.looprecur.packagemanager 40%

various ti modules