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Type: Widget com.jolicode.pullToRefresh com.jolicode.pullToRefresh 33%

Allows you to refresh the page with a pull down when using a ListView or a TableView. Available for iOS and Android, without any dependencie.

Type: Widget kr.yostudio.drawer kr.yostudio.drawer 33%

DrawerLayout, Titanium Alloy widget. (Android: com.tripvi.drawerlayout, iOS: using ScrollableView)

Type: Module geoloqi ti.geoloqi 33%

Geoloqi Android Module

Type: Module badger de.appwerft.badger 33%

Ti.Badger – Badges for Android!

Type: Module googlegeofence google.geofence 33%

Android Geofencing module using the latest google geofencing library. The library uses eventbus for event handling between classes. Have fun and email me at for questions.

Type: Widget net.beyondlink.toast net.beyondlink.toast 33%

Android like toast message.

Type: Module canvas com.wwl.canvas 33%

Implementation of the Android canvas

Type: Module ti.downloadmanager com.miga.downloadmanager 33%

Android 64-bit support Use the Android DownloadManager in Titanium

Type: Module speech_recognizer 33%

SpeechRecognizer lets you user the Android native speech recognition. Once active, your app will listen to user speech and fire appropriate javascript callbacks.

Type: Module thumbnail com.github.nowelium.titanium.module.thumbnail 33%

android thumbnail module