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Type: Module androidpayment ti.androidpay 79%

Android payment for Axway Titanium

Type: Module androidgeofence com.adampash.androidgeofence 79%

Titanium module for implementing geofences in Android

Type: Module ti_exygy_show_keyboard_android com.exygy.showkeyboard 79%

Finally a reliable way to show keyboard on Android

Type: Module androidkeychain com.mscripts.androidkeychain 79%

This module is meant to read values from sharedPrefernce of android.

Type: Module modandroidplaylists com.alcoapps.androidplaylists 79%

Get Android native playlists and playlist contents

Type: Module ga_android 79%

Googal Analytics V3 for android (titanium)

Type: Module android jp.dividual.capturedevice 79%

Titanium Mobile 用の CaptureDevice モジュールです

Type: Module tinend4android 79%

Nend (Proxy) module for Titanium Mobile(Android).

Type: Module androidgc ti.nartex.androidgc 79%

Titanium Module to call System.gc() on Android

Type: Module arduino_android com.mypatelspace.arduino 79%

Wrapper for the Android-Arduino library