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Type: Widget Audio Player net.devloops.audioPlayer 100%

Complete Audio Player widget for both iOS and Android developed by

Type: Widget dk.napp.audioplayer dk.napp.audioplayer 80%

Audio Player Widget

Type: Module audiorecorder in.shivakumars.audiorecorder 80%

A Module to record and play audio.

Type: Module tiaudiorecorder org.selfkleptomaniac.ti.mod.tiaudiorecorder 80%

Audio Recorder for Android

Type: Module audio_recorder com.superherocheesecake.audiorecorder 80%

Android Audio Recorder

Type: Module androidaudiostreamer com.woohoo.androidaudiostreamer 80%

Android 64-bit support MP3, AAC & AAC+ Audio Streamer for Android.

Type: Module androidaudiorecorder 80%

Android 64-bit support Android Audio Recorder

Type: Module tiaudiostreaming com.tiaudiostreaming 79%

Titanium mobile audio streaming module(seekable)

Type: Module audiorecoder titutorial.audiorecoder 79%

Titanium module for record audio using without intent in Android.

Type: Module iosaudiorecorder nzilbb.iosaudiorecorder 78%

Titanium native module for recording audio files with the desired encoding on iOS devices.