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Type: Module androidaudiostreamer com.woohoo.androidaudiostreamer 93%

MP3, AAC & AAC+ Audio Streamer for Android.

Type: Module tiaudiorecorder org.selfkleptomaniac.ti.mod.tiaudiorecorder 93%

Audio Recorder for Android

Type: Module audio_recorder com.superherocheesecake.audiorecorder 93%

Android Audio Recorder

Type: Widget dk.napp.audioplayer dk.napp.audioplayer 92%

Audio Player Widget

Type: Module audiorecorder in.shivakumars.audiorecorder 92%

A Module to record and play audio.

Type: Module tiaudiostreaming com.tiaudiostreaming 91%

Titanium mobile audio streaming module(seekable)

Type: Module audiorecoder titutorial.audiorecoder 91%

Titanium module for record audio using without intent in Android.

Type: Module iosaudiorecorder nzilbb.iosaudiorecorder 90%

Titanium native module for recording audio files with the desired encoding on iOS devices.

Type: Module MediaControls de.codewave.ti.mediacontrols 60%

Simple module for creating an invisible view which receives remote control events. This is useful for background audio playback. Please note that this module does not enable your application to play audio in the background. It just enables your application to receive the remote control events. Also allows you to set the "now playing" information on the lock screen.

Type: Module DZWaveForm com.dezinezync.waveform 52%

Generate TiBlobs to use with TiUIImage from audio files.