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Type: Module musicplayer com.activate.musicplayer 18%

Custom module music player for android, which work similar with Ti.Media.MusicPlayer(iOS)

Type: Module tiaudiostreaming com.tiaudiostreaming 18%

Titanium mobile audio streaming module(seekable)

Type: Module tiaudiorecorder org.selfkleptomaniac.ti.mod.tiaudiorecorder 18%

Audio Recorder for Android

Type: Module DZWaveForm com.dezinezync.waveform 18%

Generate TiBlobs to use with TiUIImage from audio files.

Type: Module audiorecoder titutorial.audiorecoder 18%

Titanium module for record audio using without intent in Android.

Type: Module audio_recorder com.superherocheesecake.audiorecorder 18%

Android Audio Recorder

Type: Module androidaudiostreamer com.woohoo.androidaudiostreamer 18%

Android 64-bit support MP3, AAC & AAC+ Audio Streamer for Android.

Type: Module androidaudiorecorder 18%

Android 64-bit support Android Audio Recorder

Type: Widget com.peyfuss.regina.mp3Player com.peyfuss.regina.mp3Player 18%

This is the MP3Player with a widget for the player controls with Appcelerator

Type: Widget ytPlayer ytPlayer 17%

Cross-platform YouTube streaming video player using Ti.Media.VideoPlayer