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Type: Module iosaudiorecorder nzilbb.iosaudiorecorder 17%

Titanium native module for recording audio files with the desired encoding on iOS devices.

Type: Module ALmixerSwigJSCoreIOS co.lanica.almixer 17%

ALmixer OpenAL based audio module for Platino Game Engine

Type: Module TiAVPlayer com.kosso.tiavplayer 16%

TiAVPlayer. A Titanium module to use AVPlayer for playing audio instead of the vastly outdated AudioStreamer library.

Type: Module mediaquery com.kosso.mediaquery 16%

Titanium Android module to use with MediaDroid app. Returns full file path from a contentUri returned from an audio or video recording created by an Intent action.

Type: Module omniture ti.omniture 2%

Omniture Site Catalyst Reporting Module

Type: Module ti.vkontakte ti.vkontakte 2%

VKontakte API