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Type: Module alternativeprogressbar it.smc.alternativeprogressbar 40%

Alternative ProgressBar with indeterminate state and secondary value

Type: Widget 40%

Type: Module advprogressbar com.emityme.advprogressbar 40%

Titanium Projects, Modules, and Samples for Zeus Framework

Type: Module ProperBarColor com.mrcs.properbarcolor 40%

Color Layers

Type: Widget com.mdpauley.frostedsidebar com.mdpauley.frostedsidebar 40%

Type: Widget 40%

Type: Widget 40%

Type: Module tibar tibar 40%

ZBar Titanium Module

Type: Widget de.kbueschel.ratingbar de.kbueschel.ratingbar 40%

Type: Widget com.jolicode.navbar com.jolicode.navbar 40%