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Type: Widget NavBar de.kbueschel.navbar 40%

An Alloy widget providing an dynamic adjustable navigation bar layer.

Type: Module smoothprogressbar de.appwerft.smoothprogressbar 40%

Android 64-bit support smoothprogressbar

Type: Module ti.rangebar ti.rangebar 40%

Android 64-bit support ti.rangebar

Type: Widget com.chariti.navigationBar com.chariti.navigationBar 40%

A navigation bar with a back button and support for other custom buttons.

Type: Module systemnavigationbar ti.systemnavigationbar 40%

Android 64-bit support systemnavigationbar

Type: Widget com.unloot.barchart com.unloot.barchart 40%

Displays charts from barcharts.

Type: Widget navBarView navBarView 40%

Super simple navBarView widget I used in a recent project

Type: Module actionbarfont de.manumaticx.actionbarfont 40%

Lets you set custom fonts to the ActionBar

Type: Module fancytabbedbar com.pudgyfish.fancytabbedbar 40%

Fancy Tabbed Bar

Type: Widget toolbar toolbar 40%

Toolbar widget for the Marley Lilly Project