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Type: Module Blur bencoding.blur 100%

BlurView implementation for Titanium

Type: Module TiKBlurLive com.kosso.TiKBlurLive 96%

A Titanium modile to provide a live blur/trunclucency effect on a Ti.View using a toolbar. iOS7 and above only.

Type: Module tifog ti.fog 58%

An iOS module for titanium to fast blur a view or window.

Type: Module Live-BlurView com.apaladini.blur 40%

A True Real Time BlurView implementation for Titanium

Type: Module NativeBlurView com.artanisdesign.uivisualeffect 40%

NativeBlurView - TiUIVisualEffect

Type: Module TiDKLiveBlur be.k0suke.tidkliveblur 40%

Frosted glass effect in TiUITableView and TiUIListView

Type: Widget ts.blurryview ts.blurryview 40%

Small wrapper to quickly display an avatar on a blurry background

Type: Module TiFXBlurView hl.fxblurview 40%


Type: Module liveblur com.widbook.blur 40%