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Type: Widget nl.fokkezb.button nl.fokkezb.button 100%

Replacement for Ti.UI.Button with better support for styling and icons

Type: Widget iOS Animated Hamburger Icon Button de.kbueschel.hamburgerbutton 90%

An Alloy widget displaying an animated hamburger button for off-canvas/sliding side menus.

Type: Widget ButtonBar com.ksouthworth.buttonbar 90%

ButtonBar component where only 1 button can be 'selected' at a time, with the ability to style each button independently

Type: Widget kbueschel Send Button de.kbueschel.sendbutton 89%

Alloy Widget for Send Button with Indicator

Type: Widget 87%

This is the button with a confirmation.

Type: Widget com.github.tau3000.tibutton com.github.tau3000.tibutton 86%

replacement for Ti.UI.Button with support for padding and iconic fonts

Type: Widget Button co.nayuta.button 77%


Type: Widget 77%

Type: Widget 77%

Type: Widget bpc.button bpc.button 77%