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Type: Widget button3d button3d 76%

Deckdaq 3D button

Type: Widget LabelButton LabelButton 76%

Creates a customizable label button.

Type: Widget button widget button.widget 75%

Quick examples of the library libwidget

Type: Widget com.netsmartcompany.floatingActionButton com.netsmartcompany.floatingActionButton 75%

Alloy widget for a simple floating action button

Type: Widget GradientButton GradientButton 75%

Simple gradient button for Titanium. Supports Alloy.

Type: Widget rebel.MenuBarButton rebel.MenuBarButton 75%

Appcelerator Alloy Widget for menu bar button

Type: Widget com.lihau.tiwidget.iconbutton com.lihau.tiwidget.iconbutton 75%

Titanium Widget: Icon Button

Type: Widget com.hoyoji.titanium.widget.XButton com.hoyoji.titanium.widget.XButton 40%


Type: Widget f.MenuButton f.MenuButton 40%

Type: Module AirplayButton tv.wappzapp.airplaybutton 40%