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Type: Widget BackButton BackButton 40%

Native/Web mobile frontend for project

Type: Widget IconButton IconButton 40%

Type: Widget Dialog with custom content and buttons com.mazel.customDialog 40%

Opens a modal dialog and displays custom content. For Android an AlertDialog is used while for iOS a modal window is opened.

Type: Widget buttonToggle buttonToggle 40%

First test widget.

Type: Widget okbutton okbutton 40%

Widget collection for mobile apps using Appcelerator's Alloy MVC.

Type: Widget org.rvvn.buttongrid org.rvvn.buttongrid 40%

Type: Widget toggleButton toggleButton 40%

Type: Widget TestButton TestButton 40%

This reflect the sprint 5

Type: Module TiExtendButton ti.extendbutton 40%

public repos

Type: Widget com.juanagu.fab com.juanagu.fab 36%

Simple fab button for Titanium Appcelerator