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Type: Widget com.appcelerator.xslide com.appcelerator.xslide 42%

Dynamic cross platform slider menu with additional info pull down

Type: Widget com.skypanther.segmentedcontrol com.skypanther.segmentedcontrol 41%

Cross-platform tabbed bar (segmented control) component for Appcelerator Titanium Alloy projects.

Type: Widget CarbonFiber carbonfiber 41%

Cross-platform application framework for Alloy

Type: Module Ttitanium Masked Image com.falkolab.maskedimage 40%

Titaniumified Cross platform implementation MaskedImage for Titanium SDK

Type: Widget com.mcvendrell.valuebar com.mcvendrell.valuebar 40%

Cross-platform value/progress bar component for Appcelerator Titanium Alloy projects.

Type: Widget Social Share com.alcoapps.socialshare 39%

A Widget for easy, cross-platform sharing of text and images from your Appcelerator apps. Created for the book Titanium Alloy in Action -

Type: Widget Scrollable Views in.prashant.scrollableViews 39%

A cross platform Alloy scrollable widget with nice background effect and paging controls

Type: Widget com.alcoapps.musicplayer com.alcoapps.musicplayer 38%

This repository contains all the source code for the book Build Native Cross-Platform Apps with Appcelerator. For more information about the book, visit

Type: Widget roamler.imageViewer roamler.imageViewer 38%

Cross platform imageviewer

Type: Widget kbueschel Checkbox de.kbueschel.checkbox 38%

An Alloy widget for an cross-platform checkbox