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Type: Widget samueleastdev.crossplatorm.picker samueleastdev.crossplatorm.picker 38%

A cross platform picker for Appcelerator

Type: Widget ytPlayer ytPlayer 37%

Cross-platform YouTube streaming video player using Ti.Media.VideoPlayer

Type: Widget dhennrich.picker dhennrich.picker 37%

Cross-Platform Fake Picker

Type: Widget Generate modal windows com.appcelerator.davidecassenti.modalwindow 35%

Cross-platform modal windows for mobile

Type: Widget com.jolicode.pageflow com.jolicode.pageflow 34%

Allows to manage flows of pages: open a child window, go back to the parent window, close the current pageflow, move to a page by its index, etc. It is therefore comparable to a NavigationGroup, except it is cross-platform and it allows a greater personnalization. In particular, the Pageflow widget allows to translate in every direction, and not only on a horizontal path.

Type: Widget Loading Image com.appcelerator.loading 33%

Cross-platform loading image

Type: Widget Alloy Toast Widget nl.fokkezb.toast 32%

Another Alloy widget for cross-platform Android toast-like notifications.

Type: Widget HTML 2 Attributed String Widget nl.fokkezb.html2as.widget 31%

Widget wrapping the HTML 2 Attributed String module, providing cross-platform HTML attribute for labels.

Type: Module org.favo.platform org.favo.platform 29%

Platform Utilities

Type: Widget Platform Logo excl.platform-logo 27%

Shows a logo based on the platform