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Type: Module Font-Awesome App Icons com.batasoft.appicons 105%

254 vector-based, commonly used icons in one true-type font

Type: Widget com.mattmcfarland.fontawesome com.mattmcfarland.fontawesome 100%

Font-Awesome(v4.7.0) for Titanium Alloy

Type: Module TiDynamicFont yy.tidynamicfont 86%

iOS load custom font during run time

Type: Widget ti.ux.iconfont ti.ux.iconfont 85%

creates an icon label using Font Awesome icons

Type: Module actionbarfont de.manumaticx.actionbarfont 52%

Lets you set custom fonts to the ActionBar

Type: Widget ti.ux.iconbutton ti.ux.iconbutton 47%

a button with a font icon

Type: Module TiDynamicTypeUtils it.smc.dynamictypeutils 41%

TiDynamicTypeUtils gives you access to dynamic system font sizes (iOS 7)

Type: Widget be.k0suke.fontawesome be.k0suke.fontawesome 40%

tiTokyo conference application was created using Titanium Mobile and Alloy MVC framework, ACS (data storage).

Type: Module TiDefaultFont yy.defaultfont 40%

Android 64-bit support TiDefaultFont

Type: Widget com.jasonkneen.tabfonts com.jasonkneen.tabfonts 40%

Custom Fonts for Tabs