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Type: Widget 72%

Weather-Icons(v1.2.0) for Titanium Alloy

Type: Widget 72%

Weather-Icons(v1.2.0) for Titanium Alloy

Type: Module titanium-alternate-icons ti.alternateicons 40%


Type: Module ticontent yy.ticontent 40%


Type: Module Font-Awesome App Icons com.batasoft.appicons 40%

254 vector-based, commonly used icons in one true-type font

Type: Widget be.k0suke.glyphicon be.k0suke.glyphicon 40%

Dynamic Navigation Window (Alloy is a model-view-controller framework) for iOS/Android apps.

Type: Widget com.miconblog.customwebview com.miconblog.customwebview 40%

10test project

Type: Widget loadingIndicator com.propelics.loadingIndicator 40%

Propelics Loading Indicator [Titanium Widget] Overview This widget is to show the loading indicator message or icon when a process is being executed(i.e http requests). How to use it 1.Download the widget folder and paste it into the widgets directory. 2.Include the widget to the config.json dependencies object i.e: "dependencies": { "com.propelics.loadingIndicator": "1.0" } 3.Add the require tag to the Root Window i.e:

Type: Widget com.r3mobile.iconicLabel com.r3mobile.iconicLabel 40%

A place for me to work with Alloy and widgets

Type: Module ticontentres com.jreyes.ticontentres 40%