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Type: Widget Custom Activity Indicator rebel.ActivityIndicator 96%

Appcelerator Alloy Widget for custom activity indicator

Type: Widget Load indicator overlay com.xorcode.loadIndicator 95%

Load indicator overlay for iOS and Android.

Type: Widget com.indianic.lodingindicator com.indianic.lodingindicator 86%

Loading indicator

Type: Widget Custom ActivityIndicator Widget com.mazel.activityIndicator 84%

Displays a modal activity indicator

Type: Widget com.caprede.loadingIndicator com.caprede.loadingIndicator 83%

This widget is designed to show the activity indicator on screen while hitting get api.

Type: Module TiMWKProgressIndicator de.marcelpociot.mwkprogress 80%

A minimal progress indicator for iOS with status update support. Displays above UINavigationBar and below the Status Bar

Type: Widget preloader preloader 56%

Progress Indicator with highly configurable options.

Type: Widget pagingcontrol de.manumaticx.pagingcontrol 55%

Paging indicator for Ti.UI.ScrollableViews

Type: Widget pagingcontrol com.ddecor.pagingcontrol 55%

Paging indicator for Ti.UI.ScrollableViews

Type: Module TiCircularProgress de.marcelpociot.circularprogress 45%

Circular progress indicator for Appcelerator Titanium