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Type: Module iosworkermodule ti.worker 40%

An iOS worker pool

Type: Module FacebookIOS com.facebook 40%


Type: Module iOSTools 40%

Tools to make working with Titanium on iOS easier

Type: Module iosnetwork 40%

benCoding.Network provides access to network helpers for CarrierInfo, CurrentNetworkInfo, Apple's Reachability, and more

Type: Module tapstream_ios com.tapstream.sdk 40%

Tapstream SDK module for Titanium

Type: Module ti.ios.trim ti.ios.trim 40%

iOS video trimmer

Type: Module tiosm net.tiosm 40%

TiOsm is a titanium mobile module enabling a titanium mobile application on Android devices to access open streat map

Type: Module tvharukazetiwebviewuseragentios tv.harukaze.ti.webview.useragent.ios 40%

customizing WebView's UserAgent module for iPhone

Type: Module acktie mobile qr ios 40%

Simple Drop in and Use QR code reader for iOS

Type: Module iosmodule com.socdm.d.adgeneration.plugin.ti.adgni 40%

Titanium Plugin for AdGeneration