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Type: Module keyboard ti.keyboard 90%


Type: Module androidkeyboard con.familydollar.androidkeyboard 88%

Force keyboard on android.

Type: Module tiandroidkeyboard com.familydollar.tiandroidkeyboard 88%

Force android keyboard.

Type: Module keyboardevents no.funkbit.keyboardevents 87%

Exposes useful keyboard events to apps.

Type: Module keyboardviewsetter com.cclafferty.keyboardViewSetter 87%

Allows the keyboard input view to be overridden by a custom one.

Type: Module ti_exygy_show_keyboard_android com.exygy.showkeyboard 87%

Finally a reliable way to show keyboard on Android

Type: Module TiDAKeyboardControl it.smc.dakeyboardcontrol 82%

TiDAKeyboardControl offers some advanced behaviour for the keyboard in Titanium SDK, kudos to @danielamitay

Type: Module TiSoftKeyboard it.smc.softkeyboard 82%

TiSoftKeyboard enables some important soft keyboard features currently missing from Titanium SDK

Type: Widget Ti.MoneyKeyboard ti.moneykeyboard 80%

An alloy widget for easily capturing dollar amounts in Titanium.

Type: Widget com.ksouthworth.numberinput com.ksouthworth.numberinput 47%

Number input with dismissable keyboard