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Type: Widget ti.ux.popup.list ti.ux.popup.list 100%

A customizable pop up list of items. Can be used as select and multi-select dialog or just to show some items

Type: Widget com.svobik.InfiniteList com.svobik.InfiniteList 94%

Infinite list with pull to refresh and autoloading fetures.

Type: Widget list list 87%

Pusteblume - Diaspora android app

Type: Module readinglist bencoding.reading.list 86%

Safari Reading List module

Type: Widget to.t10.listLocations to.t10.listLocations 85%

The Combobox widget provides a field that allows the user to pick from a list of items.

Type: Widget listPopup listPopup 82%

Popup list widget with search for Appcelerator Alloy and Titanium. Requires libraries available at:

Type: Widget List Selector co.kommit.selector 81%

A Widget for alloy multi item selector

Type: Widget com.imbudhiraja.multipleTemplatesListView com.imbudhiraja.multipleTemplatesListView 77%

Type: Widget bt bt 47%

Simple Alloy toDo List

Type: Widget com.visitenumerique.tourmlNavigation com.visitenumerique.tourmlNavigation 45%

List, keypad and map icons for navigation between tourml views.