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Type: Widget com.startupbus.loading com.startupbus.loading 77%

Type: Widget 76%

Type: Widget com.r3mobile.loading com.r3mobile.loading 75%

A place for me to work with Alloy and widgets

Type: Widget loading loading 74%

This is a library for Titanium Alloy. The CB is mean CodeBlog, this is my website( and it's base on commonJS structure.

Type: Widget loadingIndicator loadingIndicator 40%

Cross Platform Application showing functionality for all platforms

Type: Widget com.caprede.loadingIndicator com.caprede.loadingIndicator 40%

This widget is designed to show the activity indicator on screen while hitting get api.

Type: Widget loading_view loading_view 40%

Type: Widget com.indianic.lodingindicator com.indianic.lodingindicator 36%

Loading indicator

Type: Widget com.baboonmedia.remoteimage com.baboonmedia.remoteimage 30%

Provides a view that supports remote image loading with full image caching.

Type: Widget UIWebView ProgressBar de.kbueschel.uiwebviewprogressbar 30%

An Alloy widget that displays a fake progress for WebView data loading