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Type: Module media library multi access ti.multiAccessLib 98%

Gives access yo miltiple files in media library in ios.

Type: Widget com.gimdongwoo.mediaPicker com.gimdongwoo.mediaPicker 96%

Media Picker Widget for Titanium

Type: Module millennialmedia ti.millennialmedia 87%

Mobile Advertising with Millennial Media

Type: Module mymedia 86%

Titanium.Media with location and EXIF data!

Type: Module AndroidMediaQuery com.oxgcp.androidmediaquery 86%

query images in the media library with tag parsing

Type: Widget 86%

Grid Layout

Type: Module MediaQuery com.tripvi.mediaquery 85%

query images and videos in the media library with exif tag parsing

Type: Module 52%

Titaniumified A small library to get the URL of the desired YouTube video ID to use it natively in Ti.Media.VideoPlayer.

Type: Module streaming_metadata com.plainprograms.streamingmetadata 47%

Streaming Media Metadata

Type: Module DCMusicQuery me.dacheezy.musicquery 44%

A Titanium module that returns various media from iOS in alphabetical form. (i.e. Albums, Songs, Artists, etc)