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Type: Widget sideMenu sideMenu 40%

Simple kitchen helper app for time controll

Type: Widget DailyMenuWidget DailyMenuWidget 40%

Titanium SDK based mobile client for ExeterConnect.

Type: Widget ppMenuSlider ppMenuSlider 40%

Property Pond Mobile Navigation Slide using the Slider.js and Alloy Framework

Type: Widget club.siroccoicode.dropmenu club.siroccoicode.dropmenu 40%

Type: Module PopupMenuWeb com.mywebrank.popupmenuweb 40%

This module extends the Titanium TiUIWebView to allow custom buttons in UIMenuController.

Type: Widget club.siroccoicode.popmenu club.siroccoicode.popmenu 40%

Type: Widget menuWidget menuWidget 40%

Type: Widget com.tripvi.popup com.tripvi.popup 36%

A slide menu for navigation.

Type: Module WebViewSelectOptions com.centogram.webviewselectoptions 35%

Extends TiUIWebView to include a contextual menu

Type: Widget com.appcelerator.xslide com.appcelerator.xslide 34%

Dynamic cross platform slider menu with additional info pull down