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Type: Widget com.tripvi.navigationDrawer com.tripvi.navigationDrawer 72%

A navigation bar with a back button and support for other custom buttons.

Type: Widget com.visitenumerique.tourmlNavigation com.visitenumerique.tourmlNavigation 72%

List, keypad and map icons for navigation between tourml views.

Type: Widget com.mcongrove.detailNavigation com.mcongrove.detailNavigation 72%

Up and down arrows used for navigation between detail views.

Type: Widget mx.opencard.ui.navigationbar mx.opencard.ui.navigationbar 69%

Navigation bar. Based on com.chariti.navigationBar

Type: Widget com.jolicode.navigation com.jolicode.navigation 68%

Allows to manage flows of pages: open a child window, go back to the parent window, close the current pageflow, move to a page by its index, etc.

Type: Module NavigationGroup org.piwik.navigationgroup 40%

Piwik Mobile 2 App - The official Git repository! Liberating Web Analytics on the go!

Type: Widget navigationBar navigationBar 40%

ExCL is a platform that enables museums to engage visitors at museum activities through the use of a mobile application.

Type: Module navigationWindowGuestureSupport com.logicdesign.navwing 40%

Type: Module systemnavigationbar ti.systemnavigationbar 40%

Android 64-bit support systemnavigationbar

Type: Widget com.startupbus.navigationbar com.startupbus.navigationbar 40%