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Type: Widget com.rays.notification com.rays.notification 95%

A simple drop down notification widget for Titanium

Type: Widget Alloy Toast Notification 90%

Simple toast notification poping from the bottom of the screen on demand.

Type: Module nc_progress_notification nc.progressnotification 77%

Android Progress Notification

Type: Module pushnotifications com.itexico.pushnotifications 76%

Itexico's Push Notification Module (Android 8+)

Type: Widget kbueschel Notification de.kbueschel.notification 75%

An Alloy widget for displaying Facebook Messenger App like notifications

Type: Module ti-push-notification ti-push-notification 69%

Titaniumified Generic push notifications for both iOS and Android into Titanium apps

Type: Module Push com.streethawk.shpush 59%

64-bit iOS support StreetHawk's Push Module lets you send push messages to your application. Depending on your application's current state, if your application in foreground, the push notification overlays on the current screen as a notification dialog with user to take action and for application in background, the SDK generates a notification in notification bar. Push modules also support custom dialog.

Type: Widget Ti.Notifications com.caffeinalab.titanium.notifications 40%

Useful Titanium+Alloy widget to handle notifications messages when app is in foreground.

Type: Module ts.parsepushnotifications ts.parsepushnotifications 40%

Handle push notifications with Parse on both iOS and Android

Type: Widget com.iamdifferent.inappnotification com.iamdifferent.inappnotification 40%

Developed as a part of Qantas Code-Share Hackathon 2016