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Type: Widget Scrollable Views in.prashant.scrollableViews 27%

A cross platform Alloy scrollable widget with nice background effect and paging controls

Type: Module calendarmodule com.paperwasp.calendar 26%

A native calendar control to be used inside Titanium projects

Type: Widget com.netsmart.buttonToggle com.netsmart.buttonToggle 26%

Control your home automation system. ISY, INSTEON, etc.

Type: Widget com.netsmart.slider com.netsmart.slider 26%

Control your home automation system. ISY, INSTEON, etc.

Type: Widget StarRating StarRating 26%

The familiar five-star rating control for Alloy

Type: Widget com.ksouthworth.spinnerinput com.ksouthworth.spinnerinput 26%

A spinner / stepper input control for Titanium Alloy

Type: Widget com.skypanther.segmentedcontrol com.skypanther.segmentedcontrol 25%

Cross-platform tabbed bar (segmented control) component for Appcelerator Titanium Alloy projects.

Type: Module TiNowPlaying com.guidolim.TiNowPlaying 25%

This module allows you to set song attributes and handle remote controls events (Lockscreen or Control Center) on your iOS app using Titanium.

Type: Widget com.imobicloud.scrollable com.imobicloud.scrollable 25%

ScrollableView ScrollableView wrapper for iOS and Android xml app.tss ".photos-scrollable": { height: 336.5 } // ".photos-scroller": {} ".photos-scroller[platform=ios]": { showPagingControl: true, pagingControlColor: 'transparent', pagingControlHeight: 103, overlayEnabled: true } ".photo": { width: 375, height: 336.5 } ".photos-paging[platform=android]": { height: 103, bottom: 0, touchEn

Type: Module demo2 titutorial.demo2 25%

Sample Andoid module about converting native control into Titanium view