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Type: Module Permissions bencoding.permissions 100%

64-bit iOS support Permissions

Type: Module tipermissions ti.permissions 96%

Titanium Module providing a generic implementation to request permissions

Type: Module ti.vkontakte ti.vkontakte 17%

VKontakte API

Type: Widget edu.uwm.dialog edu.uwm.dialog 7%

A customizable dialog box Alloy Widget.

Type: Widget me.wslong.tiTabGroupCrossPlatform me.wslong.tiTabGroupCrossPlatform 5%

A custom tab group based on com.mcongrove.tabs for ios, android and mobileweb

Type: Widget Alloy Toast Notification 4%

Simple toast notification poping from the bottom of the screen on demand.


An Alloy widget For segmented control. A segmented control is a linear set of two or more segments, each of which functions as a mutually exclusive button. Within the control, all segments are equal in width.

Type: Widget Select Widget using ListView 3%

A Ti.UI.ListView wrapper with mighty powers for forms.