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Type: Widget com.gimdongwoo.mediaPicker com.gimdongwoo.mediaPicker 78%

Media Picker Widget for Titanium

Type: Widget 73%

Type: Widget com.imobicloud.picker com.imobicloud.picker 73%

Type: Widget general.picker general.picker 73%


Type: Widget br.jonata.picker br.jonata.picker 73%

Type: Module oxgassetspicker com.oxgcp.assetspicker 72%

Assets Picker with EXIF

Type: Widget pickerWidget pickerWidget 72%

It is a Custom picker widget for with toolbar for IOS & Android

Type: Widget datePicker datePicker 72%

old version of picker in latest android versions 5.0 or more

Type: Widget ti.ux.forms.row.timepicker ti.ux.forms.row.timepicker 71%

An extended TableViewRow with a time/date picker

Type: Module gallerypicker titutorial.gallerypicker 71%

Titanium custom multiple image picker module for Android