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Type: Widget com.dianlike.iospickerdate com.dianlike.iospickerdate 71%

Titanium Ios date select picker demo

Type: Module TiCircularTimePicker co.coolelephant.titimepicker 70%

Circular time picker using a scroll wheel concept. Based on KPTimePicker by Kasper Pihl Tornøe

Type: Widget Custom picker for dates com.mazel.datePicker 70%

Displays a text input field that opens an date dialog on focus

Type: Widget Custom picker for gender options com.mazel.genderPicker 70%

Displays a text input field that opens an option dialog on focus

Type: Widget nl.jrdk.pickers nl.jrdk.pickers 56%

Widget for plain and date pickers

Type: Widget ti.ux.forms.row.optionspicker ti.ux.forms.row.optionspicker 40%

An extended TableViewRow to be used in settings forms. It opens an options dialog.

Type: Widget com.hoyoji.titanium.widget.DateTimePicker com.hoyoji.titanium.widget.DateTimePicker 40%


Type: Module imagepicker in.prashant.imagepicker 40%

Android 64-bit support Titanium Multi-Imagepicker module lets you select multiple images from its inbuilt gallery with lots of customization options

Type: Module TiELCImagePicker jp.kray.ti.ELCImagePicker 40%

Titanium ELCImagePickerController

Type: Module TiActionSheetPicker com.obscure.tiactionsheetpicker 40%

Module wrapper for ActionSheetPicker by Tim Cinel