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Type: Module custompicker com.takemeoutto.custompicker 40%


Type: Widget zz.commons.pickers zz.commons.pickers 40%

Type: Widget br.spyker0.multipicker br.spyker0.multipicker 40%

Simple way to select multiple items from a list

Type: Module medialibrarypicker com.behindmedia.medialibrarypicker 40%


Type: Module filepickerandroid com.crave.filepicker 40%

Android 64-bit support filepickerandroid

Type: Widget colorPicker colorPicker 40%

Type: Module TiSQ ti.sq 32%

Ti.SQ is a Titanium wrapper for the TimeSquare date picker

Type: Widget com.dianlike.header com.dianlike.header 31%

Titanium Ios date select picker demo

Type: Widget CollectionTest CollectionTest 31%

Showing my difficulty with a collection-bound picker in a widget.