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Type: Module udp ti.udp 40%

Provides access to the UDP protocol for sending packets across a network.

Type: Module helper com.sprite.helper 40%

some android helper function for ti.

Type: Module demo2 titutorial.demo2 40%

Sample Andoid module about converting native control into Titanium view

Type: Module gallerypicker titutorial.gallerypicker 40%

Titanium custom multiple image picker module for Android

Type: Module systeminfo titutorial.sysinfo 40%

System info module used to get the system information like OS VERSION, API LEVEL, HARDWARE MANUFACTURER,

Type: Module tiimobile4android 40%

TiImobile4Android - i-mobile SDK Rapper for Titanium

Type: Widget pullToRefreshAnimation pullToRefreshAnimation 40%

Titanium Alloy widget pull-to-refresh based on sample Alloy application

Type: Module atfsys 40%

Andy's Titanium Framework System module

Type: Widget mx.cdmx.widgetContenedor mx.cdmx.widgetContenedor 40%

Esqueleto de navegación para la app CDMX móvil

Type: Widget mx.cdmx.widgetAGUMovil mx.cdmx.widgetAGUMovil 40%

Esqueleto de navegación para la app CDMX móvil