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Type: Module ti.ble com.miga.ble 40%


Type: Module nend net.nend 40%


Type: Module almixer net.playcontrol.almixer 40%

Native android module to expose phone status change events.

Type: Module calc org.appcelerator.calc 40%

Type: Module nexplayer org.appcelerator.nexplayer 40%

Type: Module box2d org.box2d.box2d 40%

Type: Module ti_android_util org.cathand.autil 40%

Type: Module androidziphelper org.gozi.androidziphelper 40%

At Gozi, we help people get where they need to go when they are indoors. Think of us as Google Maps for malls, airports, etc.

Type: Module attmodule ti.api.att 40%


Type: Widget EmptyPage EmptyPage 40%

This reflect the sprint 5