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Type: Widget com.indianic.activityindicator com.indianic.activityindicator 40%


Type: Widget TopBar TopBar 40%

This reflect the sprint 5

Type: Module customresourceintegration 40%

This module sample provides the description on how you can add your custom style resources in your project through module.

Type: Widget jp.coe.adicon jp.coe.adicon 40%

Type: Widget com.caffeinalab.titanium.modalwindow com.caffeinalab.titanium.modalwindow 40%

ModalWindow in a simple way, for Alloy

Type: Module AudioRecorder com.thevirtualforge.audiorecorder 40%


Type: Module androiddeviceyear com.ti.androiddeviceyear 40%

Module to expose way of determining when Android device was considered high end

Type: Module tiwit com.tiwit 40%

Module to expose wrapper for voice SDK

Type: Widget gameInfoView gameInfoView 40%

Titanium Alloy app with Parse JS SDK integration

Type: Module wikitudeand com.wikitude.ti 40%

Wikitude Module for Android