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Type: Widget TiFlexiGrid com.prodz.tiflexigrid 40%

A very flexible grid layout for iOS and Android. It works on handsets and tablets in any orientation.

Type: Module draggable ti.draggable 40%


Type: Module titouchdb com.obscure.titouchdb 40%

Titanium wrapper for Couchbase Mobile

Type: Module barcode com.mwaysolutions.barcode 40%

Barcode module

Type: Widget Social Share com.alcoapps.socialshare 40%

A Widget for easy, cross-platform sharing of text and images from your Appcelerator apps. Created for the book Titanium Alloy in Action -

Type: Module Facebook facebook 40%

Android 64-bit support facebook

Type: Module TiSQ ti.sq 40%

Ti.SQ is a Titanium wrapper for the TimeSquare date picker

Type: Widget ti.androidfingerprintalertdialog ti.androidfingerprintalertdialog 40%

Displays a Ti.UI.AlertDialog formatted to follow Material Guidelines for a Fingerprint Request

Type: Module imagegallery com.codeboxed.imagegallery 40%

Titanium Image Gallery

Type: Module imagefactory ti.imagefactory 40%

Android 64-bit support Image Factory