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Type: Module ti.animation ti.animation 40%

Android 64-bit support ti.animation

Type: Widget yy.alert yy.alert 40%

JAST is a boilerplate with a mash of tools for rapid Alloy development

Type: Module utterance bencoding.utterance 40%

Titanium module for Apple's native Speech Synthesizer

Type: Module gaidwrapper com.hasoffers.gaidwrapper 40%

A Titanium Module that allows you to access Google Advertising Identifier on Android devices.

Type: Module MobileAppTrackerModule ti.mobileapptracker 40%

An iOS module to provide access to MobileAppTracker SDK from Titanium.

Type: Widget com.mattmcfarland.fontawesome com.mattmcfarland.fontawesome 40%

Font-Awesome(v4.7.0) for Titanium Alloy

Type: Module basicgeo bencoding.basicgeo 40%


Type: Module ti.goosh ti.goosh 40%

Android 64-bit support ti.goosh

Type: Widget MessageCenter MessageCenter 40%

Type: Widget com.hoyoji.titanium.widget.AutoBindLabel com.hoyoji.titanium.widget.AutoBindLabel 40%