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Type: Module Ti.MastercardGateway net.devloops.mastercard.gateway 40%


Type: Widget Ti.ButtomSheetView ti.buttomsheetview 40%

Ti.ButtomSheetView is an ios and android widget which provides an android-like ButtomSheet behavior

Type: Widget browser browser 40%

Type: Widget buttonToggle buttonToggle 40%

Type: Widget co.mobiledatasystems.customEditableTable co.mobiledatasystems.customEditableTable 40%

My master thesis prototype

Type: Widget colorPicker colorPicker 40%

Type: Module timer com.appcelerator.timer 40%

Source code and slides used for ticonf bangalore

Type: Widget com.clinsoftsolutions.navbar com.clinsoftsolutions.navbar 40%

Type: Widget activityIndicatorCustom activityIndicatorCustom 40%

Type: Widget com.imobicloud.yelp com.imobicloud.yelp 40%

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