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Type: Widget com.imobicloud.scrollable com.imobicloud.scrollable 40%

ScrollableView ScrollableView wrapper for iOS and Android xml app.tss ".photos-scrollable": { height: 336.5 } // ".photos-scroller": {} ".photos-scroller[platform=ios]": { showPagingControl: true, pagingControlColor: 'transparent', pagingControlHeight: 103, overlayEnabled: true } ".photo": { width: 375, height: 336.5 } ".photos-paging[platform=android]": { height: 103, bottom: 0, touchEn

Type: Module tdg-urbanairship-ios tdg.urbanairship 40%

64-bit iOS support tdg-urbanairship-ios

Type: Widget com.imobicloud.switch com.imobicloud.switch 40%

Type: Module PDFReader de.ortinteractive.pdfreader 40%

64-bit iOS support PDFReader

Type: Module SimpleHylooModule de.appwerft.simplehlmodule 40%

First test to embed Hyperloop code in module for comiling in Ti.Current

Type: Module titanium-social-module 40%

Social module

Type: Module ComMap com.Map 40%

This is explain how to create map with module …… not any other thing are adde…. only for learning purpose… it's just demo

Type: Module backbeam io.backbeam 40% Data Bindings for Titanium Studio

Type: Module iosutil jp.coe.util 40%


Type: Module ios7media jptech.ios7media 40%