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Type: Widget TopBar TopBar 40%

This reflect the sprint 5

Type: Widget 40%

Titanium Ad Widgets

Type: Widget jp.coe.adicon jp.coe.adicon 40%

Type: Widget com.caffeinalab.titanium.modalwindow com.caffeinalab.titanium.modalwindow 40%

ModalWindow in a simple way, for Alloy

Type: Module TiYukkuri com.xtity.mod.TiYukkuri 40%

TiYukkuri is a Titanium module which is enable to make your app to add a voice interface as kown as 'Yukkuri Voice'.

Type: Module calendarEvent com.mitul.calendarevent 40%

experimentos 2 titanium

Type: Module TiExtendButton ti.extendbutton 40%

public repos

Type: Widget Selectable Tag View de.kbueschel.selectabletagview 40%

An Alloy widget representing an selectable/unselectable tag view.

Type: Module fancytabbedbar com.pudgyfish.fancytabbedbar 40%

Fancy Tabbed Bar

Type: Module update-app pt.michelmelo.updateapp 40%