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Type: Widget navBarView navBarView 40%

Super simple navBarView widget I used in a recent project

Type: Module tirand ca.varju.tirand 40%

A simple random number generator

Type: Module calendar_module cl.experimentosocial.calendar 40%

Titanium Calendar Module for iOS

Type: Module testflight com.0x82.testflight 40%

Titanium wrapper of the Testflight SDK

Type: Module FrequencyModule codejong.freq 40%

Add frequency propery to MediaModule

Type: Module UserVoiceModule com.acts18tech.uservoice 40%

UserVoice iOS module for Appcelerator Titanium

Type: Module src com.dackmin.ajax 40%

A module to create ajax request like in jQuery on client side.

Type: Module src com.dackmin.loader 40%

A "facebook messenger"-like loader

Type: Module mymodule com.appc.mymodule 40%

Titanium module to track view objects

Type: Module atypical_htmlToPDF com.atypical.htmlToPDF 40%

Convert HTML (and any content - text, images, etc - into a .pdf