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Type: Module TiOSpackle com.meeech.tiospackle 40%

Module to add some iOS capabilities not exposed by Ti.

Type: Widget 40%

A slide menu that slides on top instead of pushing content over.

Type: Module iosinstalledapps jp.coe.iosinstalledapps 40%


Type: Module imageview_ex com.obscure.imageview_ex 40%

Extensions to Ti.UI.ImageView

Type: Module revmob-titanium com.revmob.titanium 40%

RevMob Titanium module for iOS

Type: Module DCMusicQuery me.dacheezy.musicquery 40%

A Titanium module that returns various media from iOS in alphabetical form. (i.e. Albums, Songs, Artists, etc)

Type: Module testflightsdk com.omnipax.testflightsdk 40%

Type: Module unifeye com.otiga.unifeye 40%

Unifeye TiModule

Type: Module touchtestmodule com.soasta.touchtest 40%

Android 64-bit support SOASTA TouchTest module for Appcelerator

Type: Widget HomeContinentView HomeContinentView 40%

PIMobile is a demo hybrid mobile application targeted for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.