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Type: Widget ti.ux.popup.list ti.ux.popup.list 40%

A customizable pop up list of items. Can be used as select and multi-select dialog or just to show some items

Type: Widget ti.ux.forms.row.timepicker ti.ux.forms.row.timepicker 40%

An extended TableViewRow with a time/date picker

Type: Widget ti.ux.popup ti.ux.popup 40%

A customizable pop up view with translucent background

Type: Widget ti.ux.stickyview ti.ux.stickyview 40%

View to be used with a TableView or a ListView. It is shown when the user scrolls up and hidden when scrolls down.

Type: Widget Pull to Refresh Widget nl.fokkezb.pullToRefresh 40%

Uniform wrapper for iOS RefreshControl and Android SwipeRefreshLayout.

Type: Widget Drawer Menu com.alcoapps.drawermenu 40%

Implements a slide-in, Facebook-style menu.

Type: Module TiBeacons org.beuckman.tibeacons 40%

Implements iBeacon monitoring and ranging and advertising

Type: Module Blur bencoding.blur 40%

BlurView implementation for Titanium

Type: Module map 40%

Android 64-bit support External version of Map module using native Google Maps library

Type: Module TiSideMenu de.marcelpociot.sidemenu 40%

iOS 7 / 8 style side menu with parallax effect. (Wrapper module for RESideMenu)